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    IRTWAWtooth lock washers(BWwasher(Wave Washers

    Material:carbon steel / SUS420 / SUS304 / galvanized
    Our products: wave washer (for bearing use / for general use)、curved washer、disc spring、internal toothed lock washer、external toothed lock washer、internal overlapping toothed lock washer、external overlapping toothed lock washer、internal retaining ring、external retaining ring、inverted internal retaining ring、inverted internal retaining ring、E-type retaining ring、Bowed E-type retaining ring、crescent type retaining ring、U-type retaining ring、grip type retaining ring

    We have variety products, expanding into auto/motorcycle parts, electronic parts, other metal parts and stamped products.

    Retaining ring is a fastener equipped on the outside of shafts, in bores and on grooves, it is used for fixing and positioning in order to keep parts from loosening and shaking.
    Internal Tooth Lock Washers are used mostly on smaller sized fasteners. The internal tooth is able to give a better grip strength to the fastener and prevent it from loosening.

    You can trust your requirements with