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Custom Fasteners can be tailored to your own specifications, no matter the size, length, thickness, complexity, surface treatment, material specifications or coating.


Industrial parts: Most people use stainless steel, and there are processing services in metal precision fasteners to prevent transmission parts from falling off, design, production and sales services --------Professional bearing technician, it is recommended that you mill the shaft to a plane at the place between the shaft and the bearing seat, and then use the stop screw to lock it. Generally, the shaft is fixed with a c-shaped retaining ring.c The bearing thickness needs to be calculated for the type retaining ring. Use the groove to match the c-type retaining ring to fix the shaft center for air tools or machinery


Over the years, our company has provided industrial parts, stainless steel spring pins, and stainless steel spring pins for major enterprises. Rivets, bolts for motors, shackles for lights, shrapnel in switches, smoothing in locks .E-type buckles in hand tools, tension springs in toys, tooth-type spring pins in mobile phone cases, R-type latches for ropes, it can be seen that these invisible small parts are very versatile


The material selection is high-quality stainless steel sus304 produced by domestic steel manufacturers and imported from Japan. The products are professional and the delivery time is on time.

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Product Description: Material: general steel (black) - S50C, stainless steel - SUS304 We are a professional manufacturer of wire processing plants, springs all kinds of wheels,coiled spring pins. Huasi. buckles, plugs, key rings, badges and so on. Wide range of applications: such as steam locomotives, electronics, toys, machinery, accessories, power tools, computers, hardware, locks, electrical appliances, stationery, Tooth lock washers, rivets

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Over the past decade, the fastener manufacturing and distribution in Taiwan has undergone dynamic development to meet the ever more critical demands of global fastener industry. The core competencies remain closeness to the customer and guaranteed availability of a broad variety of products that consistently meet the demanding quality requirements of customers. Fastener manufacturing of bolts, nuts, washers and screws are now being sourced extensively in India.

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