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    compressed spring Double Torsion Springtorsion springmechanical spring-mechanical spring

    Our production:compression coil spring, tension spring, torsion spring, snap spring, leaf spring, plane volute spring, diaphragm spring, waveform spring, die spring, square flat steel spring, motorcycle suspension damping spring, truck brake chamber spring, large valve spring, Large springs for construction machinery,including square steel, flat steel, various stainless steel and tin bronze springs.

    Achieving affordable price, size, length, and weight stability.
    Compression spring is a kind of helical spring which bears directional pressure.
    As one of the most common spring configurations used by spring manufacturers for enhanced functionality, compression springs appear in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, general industrial, medical, and technology.
    Our Torsion springs can be designed to be wounded in either a clockwise or a counter-clockwise direction.
    Torsion springs hold mechanisms together; the tightness of the wind is proportional to the energy stored inside of it.

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